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The WRY Lab, which is short of the Willow Run Ypsilanti Laboratory, is a visual arts studio and art incubator for young artists in the community of Ypsilanti. It’s located in the former administrative wing of the out-of-use Willow Run High School. It’s currently being prepped for use.


The space is roughly 5,500 square feet, made up of five full-size classrooms, two large storage closets, two large bathrooms, three offices, one much larger than the others, and a large central hallway connecting them all. It has sat dormant since before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, mostly serving as a catch-all for broken and out-of-use school materials. These materials, which include broken desks, chairs, and tables, as well as old library books and unused worksheets, will be repurposed and reimagined into statements that challenge this country’s flawed education system.


Progress photos and updates will be added here regularly.

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