Undoctrination (2022) is the unlearning of the white-washed history and manufactured perceptions that allows for the acceptance and perpetuation of oppression in America’s underserved public schools. This show consisted of the American School DesKKK and I Pledge a Credence... , along with a custom built chalkboard to define “undoctrination” and custom built break-in-case-of-emergency box that held a single match.


American School DesKKK is made of over 2,000 sheets of printer paper and wheatpaste. Each page was first saturated in wheatpaste, then applied to a custom built desk that was covered in plastic. Once dry, the hardened paper desk form was removed and became a stand-alone sculpture standing nearly 8' tall. Hidden throughout the desk were eye holes similar to those found on ku klux klan hoods, which represent the intentional yet veiled systemic failures in public education, such as resource gaps, schools of choice, and failing students forward. Near the paper desk was the match.

I Pledge a Credence… is a nearly 6' tall by 10' wide American flag made from 20lb poster bond paper, tempera paint, and wheatpaste. The flag is torn at the center, exposing another layer with the pledge of allegiance which is ultimately a collection of words Americans are indoctrinated with to be made to believe every citizen is treated equally. Beneath the pledge is another layer with the confederate battle flag, exposing the true origin of the values that helped create the systems and laws that exist today. Each layer is attached to a custom built frame.