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Peter Privledge and the Birth of the Hātriot (2021) is a 16' x 20' layered narrative depicting one possible future for Peter Privledge, as there are many Peter Privledges in this country. Many of them deny racism is embedded in its systems, while some have become aware of their privilege and taken steps to become anti-racist.


The bottom layer is from the turning point in Peter Privledge’s first appearance, when he shouts, “But I’m always white!”, instead of always right. The layers that follow show what would happen if he never corrected his error, which leads to his transformation into the Hātriot.


The illustrations were drawn on 20lb poster bond paper, which was wheatpasted to ⅛” 4’ x 8’ plywood mounted to frames. Once the first illustration was added and dried, a second illustration was pasted on top and then selectively removed, followed by a third and final layer which was also selectively removed.

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