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Welcome to the Simple Math, Too installation. Please explore the space by clicking the white circles on the floor with your mouse. As you advance, you can click and hold your mouse to explore the area around you. The three installations each have their own classroom, which you can access through the open doors. 


As you move around the space, you’ll discover teal and pink anchor points, such as this one. The teal anchors display written text, like work statements, and the pink anchors play the audio of the same text. Simply move your mouse over them to access their information.

Simple Math, Too is available virtually through a partnership with CultureVerse. The included sculpture, Educution, was made with support from University of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design.

CultureVerse is an Ann Arbor, Michigan, based 501(c)(3) non-profit that uses emerging technologies to amplify the work of artists, educators, and preservationists. CultureVerse makes unseen and hard-to-reach artwork like this accessible to the public using technology. CultureVerse has completed over 50 projects in the last two years, elevating the work of our partners and enriching the community.

Simple Math, Too


The effects of state mandated limitations of discussions in public schools on race, identity, and this country's past cause undeniable harm through repression while simultaneously encouraging prejudice and bigotry. My work is informed by contrasting the research that began when I started working in Ypsilanti Community Schools in 2013, with the biases I grew up with as a white man in America.


There are many states taking extreme measures to silence  such discussions, while providing white-washed alternatives. Florida has outlawed AP African American studies in public schools, among many other things. Iowa will allow public school funds to go towards private schools, who can easily discriminate. Kentucky's SB1 limits all discussions on identity and orientation in public schools, among other things. Virginia's governor signed an executive order banning any discussion of Critical Race Theory in public schools. Two Ohio moms are even challenging a private school they chose to send their kids to for teaching Critical Race Theory, and are seemingly getting support.


As a teacher at Ypsilanti Community High School, I did everything I could to meet students where they were. It's common sense that most humans have a sense of identity before high school age, and discussing different life experiences allows for understanding and awareness. However, not every parent agrees and I saw just how detrimental that lack of support can be. I realized in the realm of public schools, I couldn't argue with parents and win. My support would have to be discreet or come through my work as an artist outside of schools.


The public school system is flawed but not beyond repair. However, repressing information and limiting discourse will ensure a void of diverse, accepting, creative thinkers. It’s simple math, too.


Simple Math, Too is a follow-up to my 2019 show Simple Math, which commented on the academic lynching that results from failing students forward.

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