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Indoctrination has become the battle cry for conservative leaning parents who wish to maintain their idea of what public education should be rather than meeting students where they are and finding more inclusive educational methods. They’re also often white, and argue discussions about race, gender identity, and this country’s past are divisive and deviate too far from the country they grew up in. Ultimately, it adds up to preserving whiteness which has become fiercely guarded, consciously or not, by white people.


The public education system is only one system among many that allows for the perpetuation of oppression and manufactured stereotypes. Public school districts that meet the criteria to be considered urban are often riddled with resource gaps and other operational hurdles. Yet, the resulting academic disruptions are simply accepted rather than challenging the circumstances that allow for them. The question isn’t whether today’s students are being indoctrinated but rather when the indoctrination began.


Pages from out of use public school library books that white wash history serve as the foundation for each piece. Wheatpasted on top of each and selectively removed, is the scene where Peter Privldege exclaims, “But I’m always WHITE!”, instead of always right.

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