Nick Azzaro is a mixed media artist living in Ypsilanti, Michigan, a fractal of Detroit that represents post industrial America. Rather than seeing loss and ruin, Azzaro sees opportunity and creates work that challenges the acceptance of inequity. Controlling perception is at the forefront of his study, which is why he often utilizes his extensive photographic experience. Through visual literacy he allows the viewer to draw a conclusion rather than being told what to think.


Azzaro’s work often deals with experiences outside of his own race which is why he puts so much into research and collaboration. He

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is aware of his privilege at all times and employs it to amplify his message as well as create opportunities for the youth in the community. For seven years he worked for the community schools, three of which as the photography teacher at the high school, building the program from the ground up. In 2019, he was awarded the Oswald Garrison Villard Civil Rights & Social Justice Award by the NAACP Ypsilanti-Willow Run chapter.