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In many underserved schools across the United States, 8.5” x 11” printer paper is the only resource available for students to use for classwork, artwork, and any other class related need. This paper becomes an outlet for students and each sheet carries much more weight than the fraction of an ounce it amounts to.


American School DesKKK (2022) is an almost 8’ tall by 12’ long school desk made entirely of 8.5” x 11” printer paper and wheatpaste. The two main supports at the front of the desk protrude from the structure, forming klan-like robes with cut-out eye holes that stare at viewers. Azzaro’s implication is that the education system in the United States was largely based on racist beliefs and continues to accept them.


Although larger-than-life, the fragility of this structure is apparent when viewed from the inside, as the papers form shapes with varying degrees of translucency as they overlap. The whiteness of the paper also reflects both the white Americans who deny any intentional systemic failures exist as well as the whiteness of klan robes.

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